Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some TV Favorites

So I have never been a big TV show watcher but there are a couple of shows here and there that have captured my attention...I will admit when I first saw this show advertised I thought it looked ridiculous and I didn't want to see it. But we were bored and it was on Netflix instant so we decided to watch the first episode. I was hooked! This pair was awesome, the love interest is entertaining, the character cast is perfect, even the theme song is classic! I love it and Jackson did too, he could sing the theme song! I can't wait for season 5 to come out. So if you like dry wit, sheer ridiculousness, and pineapples.... this show is definitely for you! and if you do decide to check it out watch for a pineapple in some form in every episode.

Basically the main guy was trained by his father as a child to be a detective but he wasn't really cut out for an actual police job. so he pretends to be a psychic and does private detective work, sometimes for the police department. My only problem with the show is after 4 seasons of him solving all these crimes for the department, they still don't trust him. But he always shows them up so its all good.

Here is another show I underestimated... it came on reruns on local TV and we watched a couple of episodes. I wasn't sold at first because we picked up in the middle, I had no idea what was going on, and the main character I didn't like from that movie, Hitch. He was a douche bag and I never wanted to see his face again. Well my hubby really liked this show so I sucked it up and we started it from season 1. I am truly enjoying it now. Another great casting job, story, and good location. So far I've been pretty impressed but I'm still on season 2.

The main guy was a spy for the US but he got burned on a job and shipped back to Miami. He is stuck there until further notice, doing private recon for people in need. I think my favorite part of this show is that he is obviously well trained and good at what he does and does it with style.

This one is definitely an all time favorite! I have been watching Law and Order: CI for years and I think its safe to say I have seen them all... well at least until they changed the cast. I stopped watching it when they took away Goren and Eames. The story line was interesting but it was nothing compared to the main character pair. I loved them, they just played it all sooooo well!

This is actually a police show, but they are so not typical police detectives. They are wounded and intellectual. They can tear apart the bad guy with their minds. Its so good! I don't really care for any of the other Law and Orders, just this one.

I never even heard of this show until I visited my in laws one weekend. It captured my heart! I can't believe it only got aired for 1 season! But then again I would hate to watch them ruin it with too many seasons if they had no more ideas. It had nice blend of sci-fi and western (very unique to say the least). I would have never thought I would like it but I did!

It was pretty much the story of a lone ship flying around the universe just trying to survive and staying off the radar of the alliance. The crew was an odd blend of people that just happened to end up on the same ship at the same time. I never knew what to expect from one episode to the next. The characters were predictibly unpredictable and so was the plot. If you haven't seen it, watch it! and then watch the movie, Serenity. But don't watch the movie first or it will make absolutely no sense.

When I went back to work for a little while, my hubby had to find something to occupy his time. This show became it. He was addicted! So when I could I watched it with him. And skeptical isn't good enough for the feeling I had about it, but it ended up being very interesting. I don't know how these people come up with the ideas for this show... it was completely outlandish but I couldn't look away!
This police officer got sent to this town in the middle of nowhere to be the sheriff. As it turns out the town was some government operation, where they stashed a lot of incredibly intelligent people, like unnaturally intellegent. And this poor guy was left to clean up the messes of intelligent people with a lot of resources at their finger tips. Needless to say, this town almost got blown off the map numerous times.

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