Hello, My name is Ally!

I want to share my journey through juggling my faith, marriage, parenthood, and homeschooling while always working on my crafting, sewing, and cooking. 

It’s funny to me that I am at this moment in my life. When I was in high school, I use to babysit my brother, sisters, and my sister’s kids all the time. I can remember at one point someone saying to me that I should be voted “Most likely to be a mother and have a lot of kids”.  I laughed because I decided I wasn’t having kids for a long time. Little did I know that at the age of 20, I was going to be meet the man that I was going to marry and we were going to go on to have the 2 of the most amazing little boys.  Every single day is an adventure with those boys. They make me laugh; they drive me crazy, and challenge me to be better in every way.  

When we had our first son, Jackson, I was working but I wasn’t making enough to afford daycare and my job be worth it. So my husband, Tim, encouraged me to stay home instead of going back to work. I was reluctant, very reluctant! But we decided it was best for everyone. I struggled for a long time getting use to being home all day, every day. But over time, I turned it into “my job”. I learned to cook (when we first got married, I knew how to cook 5 meals and we ate them on rotate – It drove my husband crazy!). I learned to meal plan, coupon and improved my sewing skills.  I found ways to save and make money while also juggling baby, husband, and home life.  

Last year, we reached the moment that every parent faces when the question arises… “What do you we do about school?”  Well, I was a public school kid and my husband was a homeschooled kid, so those were the options on the table.  After much prayer and deliberation (and resistance on my part), we decided to home school and so began a whole new chapter of our lives. 

Most recently, we made another crazy decision. Some friends from our church had decided to move from Charleston, SC to Baltimore, MD to plant a church in the city. They invited us to be a part of their group to help plant the church. After more prayer and deliberation, we decided to trust God and follow them and are now living in Baltimore City watching God working in our lives and the lives of others. 

So here is where my blog begins….   With all the things I’m learning, finding, creating, and trying; I want to be able to share it. This gives me an opportunity to do that.  I hope that my experiences in some way help or encourage you in your journey.

Thanks for stopping by!