Thursday, February 3, 2011

PBS Kids

We have been cutting costs and one of those costs was cable television. But we got a digital antenna so we are able to get a few local stations (fox, abc, cbs, pbs, cw, etc). I actually prefer it this way because i'm not living in front of the TV because I can't handle soaps and court shows. But I have found that PBS is actually a really great channel (sometimes). So here is my reviews on the kids' shows... (I promise my child does not sit in front of the TV all day... these reviews were developed over a long period of time of watching at random times of the day)

Martha Speaks - It is actually not a bad show, totally a ridiculous concept (a dog ate alphabet soup and now she can talk??) but not more ridiculous than spongebob I suppose. Aside from that they teach vocabulary and is a clean funny.

Curious George - I personally enjoy this show. It teaches practical application of math and science concepts. At the same time its just enjoyable to watch. But I will say that man with the yellow hat is rather irresponsible with him monkey.

The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that - I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan and was very skeptical about how this one was going to be played, but they definitely did a good job. Its is one of Jackson's favorites. While he makes some book references, it is NOTHING like the book. He teaches the kids about animals and nature stuff but makes it entertaining and fun. If you remember Martin Short, he plays the voice of the Cat in the hat.

Super Why - This show aggrivates me, it twists childhood favorites to fit their agenda. I find it kind of annoying, Tim won't even watch it. I allow it because it teaches words and letters in a fun way and Jackson seems to enjoy it.

Dinosaur Train - The kid dinosaurs on this show are annoying, the voices they chose are not the best. I dont personally watch this show unless I'm desperate.

Seasame Street - Man, I feel like the show has changed from when I was a kid... Some of the people are still the same, most of the muppets are still the same, they are still teaching letters and numbers. I hate that cookie monster is gone. But overall, its still a good show. And I love that celebrities still take time to be on it, that makes me happy.

Word World - This show is really creative! I like the way it was done. It is very innocent but well thought out. I just don't understand why they had to make the Sheep so annoying and why does she she um between every word?? was that really necessary?

Between the Lions - This show creeps me out. We don't watch it.

Calliou - Aside from the fact that the boy sounds like a girl and has a really whiny voice, it is cute and shows the creativity of a 4 year old. When I can watch it, it gives me good ideas on activities for Jackson. But the TV usually is off when it is on so we don't get to watch it very often.

Barney - Jackson would watch this if he could, but Barney gives me nightmares, so we don't

Word Girl - Its good fun. Cute Idea. Teaches vocabulary a little above Jackson's level but hopefully he picks up on it.

Arthur - This show gets on my nerves. I feel like there are a lot of awkward situations and I don't like awkward. I think Jackson likes it but I can't stand the voices. I remember my sister use to love it, and It teaches good stuff but I just can't watch it.

Fetch with Ruff Ruffman - This one is usually one when I'm making dinner so I haven't really sat down and watched it. Apparently the real kids go on scavenger hunts and do contests assigned them by a cartoon dog. It seems educational, so I allow it at times.

Electric Company - This one is cheesy and strange. I dont really know what to make of it. Jackson has no interest in it so we turn the TV off.

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