Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Football Cake

So my friend had a recipe for a homemade football cake made from a square cake without a football shaped pan! I was excited to try!
For my first cake I used a yellow cake and for the second I used chocolate. I ended up preferring the yellow because I used Chocolate Icing.   Start by baking your choice cake in a 9" x13" pan (Hint: The best way to get your cake to remove from the pan in one piece is to coat the pan in shortening and drizzle flour then pour the batter in. The cake will pop right out when cooled!).  And once it is cool,  cut the corners as shown below:

I secured my corner by putting icing between them and the sides of the cake. Then coat the cake in a chocolate icing.

Finally, I put some white icing in a decorating bag with a larger Wilton Round tip on the end. I used that to decorate the actual football, but I had to use a knife to flatten it a bit.  Then used a smaller tip to write on the birthday cake. With my first cake, I ran out of chocolate icing, so I used white icing on the side and added Reese's pieces on top of it.
I realized after I wrote day in BIRTHday that I meant to do all caps... oops!

This was a blast to make and didn't take long at all!! Perfect for a football party! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where the Wild Things are

So I finally finished my Max Costume and Wild Things headpiece... It only took 2 weeks and it may have been shorter if I hadn't been doing 20 other things in between!
So I will start with the Max Costume... I got the idea from another blog: Max Costume & Tutorial
But I couldn't download the pattern, so I ended up getting a pattern for a jumpsuit with hood and just adding the ears, buttons, tail, and whiskers as I went along.
The hood before the whiskers were added
I've decided that this looked more like a beaver tail but I was too tired to go back and change it
I forgot to add the tail so I had to go back and do it later
Totally figured out the button hole feature on my sewing machine for this costume!

The Wild Things head wasn't originally in the plan but I stumbled across this Instructable on (which is my new favorite site for craft making): Wild Thing Headpiece
The guy who made it did an awesome job and walks you through the basic steps but gives you freedom with size and style. I loved it!
I decided after this project that I have a love/hate relationship with the glue gun! I love the projects it hold together and hate the blisters on my fingers! 

The base was made out of cardboard and duct tape
Cotton fabric for the main piece
stuffed with polyester filling
The face is made from cream felt and the eyes,nose & horns were fleece
The hair was faux fur and teeth were felt

The lower jaw is foam wrapped in felt and fleece with felt teeth

The shirt was orange and I wrapped it in yellow duct tape, and the pant will have scales once the puff paint dries. I still need to add a tail
 I started this project hoping that I would finish but not totally confident but now I'm soooo excited because if I can do this, what else can I do??!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Latte Changing Pad & other projects

So I just found a book called One Yard Wonders and bought it because the ideas were too cute to pass up. Well I made my first creation out of it for my friend's baby shower gift and it turned out so good that I had to share!

Another friend gave me the idea to make some burp cloths for baby shower gifts. Gerber cloth diapers make the best burp cloths, so I added some ribbon to make them pretty! It was pretty easy to do!

I will make more fun stuff from the book but first I must complete my Max Costume and Wild Things Headpiece for halloween!  Here's a preview of the mask...

They grow up so fast...

The other evening, in my backyard; Jackson, Andrew, Tim and I played a riveting game of putting each other in jail.  It consisted of Daddy trying to keep Jackson in jail and mommy trying to get Jackson out. Then it switched, Jackson and I tried to keep Daddy in Jail.  And Andrew just followed us around and went where ever Jackson was.

As I was running around my backyard chasing after Tim and Jackson, I realized that Jackson has finally hit that stage, that preschooler stage that comes right after toddler.  He is using his imagination, playing games, pretending, and can almost speak a complete sentence!

Jackson has always had alot to say, even when he was a baby. But we could never get him to stop long enough to say words! So at 3 years old, we put him in Speech Therapy with a recommendation from the pediatrician. He finally started to speak a few words very clearly and the rest of the words were mumbled or nonexistent. I think that was one of my fears about putting him in school was that the kids would make fun of him because they couldn't understand them.  I think I underestimated how smart he really is.  Because that night, when we came inside from playing, he went to daddy and told him a complete recap of what took place outside and we could understand him! I love that we are able to have conversations with him now! I couldn't do without the back talk but I guess you take the good with the bad.

I've also decided that learning to play games and pretending has got to be one of those developmental stages because even just 3 or 4 months ago, I could not get him to play any sort of game with him.  He wanted to do everything on his own or do it exactly his way. Now he is playing with us and pretending to be other people or characters.  He is so much more fun to play with now especially since he doesn't cry every time you do something he doesn't like. 

Watching my babies grow up has to be the most interesting thing I've ever been able to experience!