Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crazy Busy Day!

So I've been dragging my feet on posting anything lately because I've been really frustrated about my Halloween costumes! I didn't get the pictures I wanted because my camera was broken and I worked so hard on those costumes. Now I have a camera again but now its a matter of getting them redressed in the costumes and getting some awesome pictures... It will come, eventually.

But in the meantime, yesterday was a very productive day! I really should plan not to load too much into one day but I pulled it off, so that's exciting!

We did our school work as per usual and I decided today would be a good day to do a "Thanksgiving Day craft". So we watched the Charlie Brown Mayflower special and made Pilgrim hats and Indian Headdresses...  I probably should have made the feathers on the headdress a little smaller because they flopped around but the boys love playing with glue so they didn't mind!

So next on my list, I had an "order" for some cupcakes. My friend's daughter's birthday party was last night. She loves chocolate, owls and the color blue. So using this chocolate cupcake recipe (because it is an amazing recipe!), a vanilla buttercream recipe, my trusty pink KitchenAid Mixer,
and a great idea from Pinterest for Owl Cupcakes using Oreos and M&Ms, I made these!
Next time I make these I will find a better way to remove the top of the Oreo from the cream. I felt they were a little sloppy... but then again I am a little bit of a perfectionist!

After those were made and decorated, I had little boys begging for cupcakes. But it was almost dinner time so I had to make that first. Again if I had planned my day better, dinner last night wouldn't have been so time consuming. But I've been wanting this particular dish for quite a while so I had to make it.

We had a Chicken Rice and Bacon Casserole for dinner. (This recipe via The Nest calls for mushrooms.... I sometimes do the mushrooms, or sometimes I leave them out depending on whether I have some on hand. Either way it tastes amazing!)

I got the boys showered, I read them a story, put them to bed, cleaned the kitchen for the 4th time today and then crashed on the couch!

After I walk away from the computer today, I will need to go finish the laundry and then its off to the movies with the girls (NO KIDS!! WOO HOO!)  because while I have issues with the casting of Hunger Games because I loved the books and I feel like they missed the mark with Peeta, I am definitely needing to go see some Catching Fire today!