Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Different Personalities

I never really thought about life as a mother before I became one. I watched my mom who had 4 girls and 1 boy but I took her for granted. I think I just expected that she knew what she was doing. But as I go through each day with my 2 little boys, I find out how drastically different their personalities can be even at such a young age. Jackson, my 3 year old, is a doer. He have to always be doing something. Always need 2 toys, one for each hand. He likes to be fixing things, or he loves cutting things (I have to control those times), he loves building robots out of legos. As long as he has something in his hands he is happy. He is very easy going and is ready for anything. Even when I have to punish him, it doesnt even really phase him. He handles pain very well, which is good since he is accident prone. But Andrew, my 16 month old, he has firecracker of a personality. He is a watcher, he watches everything. His bear is his favorite thing in the whole wide world. Which is funny to me because I got that bear at Jackson's baby shower and Jack Jack wouldn't even touch it. But Jackson had his paci and his tag on his specific blanket. But the thing about the bear is, it is now a collector's item, if I were to try to buy one now I would have to pay $30. Andrew is very emotional. If he is upset about something, even something as simple as taking away something he is not suppose to be playing with, he throws a fit. And his fits are UGLY! He throws himself backwards and screams like he is being beat. Now when Jackson had a fit I could distract him with something else, Andrew will not be distracted, if he is in the middle of a fit the only thing that will calm him is Bear or "Baa Baa" and even bear doesn't always fix it. Andrew likes to be held, He would climb back into my skin if he could. Jackson wanted to be on his own and doing his own things. I am constantly learning how to deal with and teach these boys in a way that they will understand. And what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for the other. Its exhausting! And I'm only in the beginning stages of their lives!

I sit here and think about the differences in just my two boys, and I don't know how some mothers do it with more than 2 because that is a lot of personalities to keep up with. I tip my hat to those woman, you are stronger than I!

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