Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Counting My Blessings

My hubby, Tim, has been building his collection of tools to prepare for when he gets out of school and can go to work as a mechanic. Yesterday, he was in a position to buy some really nice specialty ones. So he did and we were very excited! We sat on his tailgate as he showed me each one and what the use for it was. I think I got most of what he was saying but its kind of like me trying to explain my sewing tools to him... a foreign language. Well he had to get to a meeting, so he thought he grabbed the bag with all the tools in it (in his defense he was distracted because the meeting he was going to was something heavy on his heart) and put it in his shop. So he was left and I was trying to pile my 2 kids and my sister's daughter in the car to take them to the park, like I promised them. Well as I was driving out of my street, there in the middle of the road was the box to one of his new tools. As I stopped to pick it up, he came driving back down the street. He couldn't tell me what all he lost or where he lost it. But I have to feel like this happened to try to keep him from this much needed meeting. Well he retraces his steps to find them and they are already gone...

So he goes to his meeting, it is as important as I thought it would be. But he got home and was rightly very upset about losing his very expensive, brand new tools. He walked up and down Maybank Hwy trying to find some trace of them and only found a container in front of an Auto shop. I tried very hard to be the supportive wife but in this situation there is really only so much one woman can do. But we prayed over it and then tried to take our minds off of it until we could actually do something about it.

Well today, I went to that Auto Shop to see if they picked them up. Tim didn't think it would be worth it but I told him he underestimates the power of a crying woman with 2 kids on her hip. I went and talked to the main guy there who went to each of his employees and asked them if they saw the tools. No one had but he wrote my number down just in case. I left pretty positive we weren't ever going to see those tools again. But about an hour later, the guy from the shop called me saying one of his employees that wasn't working today did find some of them and was dropping them off.

I went there and he had a box full of the majority of tools Tim lost yesterday. I wanted to cry. How amazing is that?! And to emphasize the quality of these tools, they were apparently run over and have minimual scratches on them.

The lesson we took from this when all subsided, was that God gives us our earthly things and He can take them away, so our happiness can't be based on things of the world. We have to continue to realize that He is ultimately in control and we need to hold less tightly to the things He gives us.

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