Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newest Adventure in Potty Training

So as you have read previously in Adventures in Potty Training and Latest Adventures in Potty Training, Potty training has been a fight that I hope goes much easier with Andrew but I don't know if I'm that lucky!

While going potty isn't a fight anymore and he stopped peeing in the bed at night, Now we are having aiming issues. Ah, the joy of little boys! I need to do the Cheerios trick but I keep forgetting to put some by the toilet. But he doesn't get it in the toilet every time. I feel like I am forever cleaning puddles from behind it! And if you don't know the cheerios trick basically drop on in the middle of the water and tell him to shoot at it. But I haven't had cheerios and now I do, so I am going to go right now and put a ziplock bag full on the back of the seat. Aiming training begins today!

Another annoying thing is, he keep taking his pants all the way off and running through the house half naked after hes is done, yelling "Mommy, I went!" And it doesn't bother me at home but we go to his friends' house a lot and they are girls. Not appropriate for my child to run through the house with no pants or underwear on with little girls around! I do love my children but this stuff is ridiculous! I guess he won't learn if I don't teach him....

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