Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twilight Turtle

So me and the boys when on vacation this week to visit my best friend. We have been going to bounce houses and the zoo, today we are going to the children's museum! During the day we have had a blast but the first night here was ROUGH! Both of them were so freaked out and upset that they cried for what felt like forever but they were so tired that neither of them could fight sleep any longer. Well my friend's daughter had this turtle that lights up the room with stars and both Jackson and Andrew really liked it! And since we are staying here a week we need something to make sleep easier. The next morning, we got up early packed up the car and went in search of this Twilight Turtle and finally found it at BuyBuy Baby. By the way its like a Bed Bath and Beyond for babies! I so wish they had one in Charleston... but its probably better they don't because I would spend way too much money in that store.
Anyway, the Turtle has been by far one of my best baby purchases!! We haven't had a single fight at night since I bought it and they go to sleep with ease. I'm very glad I got that turtle. The store also had a ladybug too if you want variety. The turtle was a little more than I wanted to spend on a night light, but it is plush (aside from shell) and it lights up the room in stars which is just the coolest thing ever. I definitely recommend this product!

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