Thursday, April 14, 2011

Latest Adventures in Potty Training

After my initial potty training adventure was over, I was so hoping we were in the clear! But now it seems I have a new potty problem... It is called sleep.

I can't give Jackson any sort of liquid after 7pm or he will pee in the bed. I can't give him a bath after 6pm (I know its gross but he drinks the bath water when I turn my back) because he SOAKS the bed! For the simple fact that him drinking the bath water grosses me out its almost time to start switching to showers, but that drives me crazy because its so much easier to give the boys baths together. Andrew is still to small for the shower. But its either no more baths or I will have to continue to wash his sheets EVERYDAY! And the worst part is last night, he didn't have water after 7 or a bath and he still wet the bed!!!

I am beginning to see why the created the night time diaper underwear for kids because this is ridiculous. I don't want to digress by putting him back into pull ups but I just don't see another option until he learns to hold it while he sleeps. But I will say if you are suffering from the constant wetting of the bed and you haven't gotten a mattress protector yet, go to walmart and get a simple cheap vinyl fitted sheet! It works like a dream!

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