Wednesday, May 11, 2011

National Consumer Panel

So I saw a post on one of the coupon sites I watch, Coupons and Freebies Mom about the National Consumer Panel scanner. They basically ship you a scanner and you scan and send in weekly your purchases. You accumulate points and they have a rewards program, so the more points you accrue the better the prizes. I just got my scanner in last week and I have already done several scans and transmissions. Its pretty easy to do, the equipment is self-explanatory. It just takes a few minutes of scanning your groceries when you get home. I have heard mixed reviews on it, some ladies have been doing it for years and love it, some have had major issues when they forgot or couldn't scan and did report for the week. I'm going to give it a shot because it doesn't take long to do and you get prizes. :) If your interested in signing up or seeing what its about click for the sign up page.

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  1. what is the brand from this scanner. we are looking for these type of devices to use in our company. Please if you know. Share it with me.