Sunday, January 8, 2012


For Christmas, I couldn't decide what to get all the little girls in my life. Well I found an amazingly easy Headband Tutorial with pattern on Pinterest and it was perfect!

A little while ago I made an adorable ladybug Pillowcase Dress for my best friend's daughter and had plenty of leftover material from it.  So I made them all those headbands! They turned out sooo cute! I will have to make matching headbands for all my pillowcase dresses from now on! 

Here's the dress that they match!
Now I just need a model of my dresses and headbands... any takers?


  1. I'll get Bailey to do it if I can steal the headband away from my husband.

    1. hahahaha i just laughed so hard!! Can you get one of the her with both on?? if you can steal it away of course. ;)