Friday, January 6, 2012

Penguin Ornaments

I found a cute picture on Pinterest for Penguin Ornaments.  The link to the website was just a picture not a tutorial so I had to kind of play with it until I got it right.

You will need:
Lightbulbs (however many you want to make)
Black, White, Light blue, yellow (or orange), and Red Acrylic craft paint (I didn't have glossy on hand but I think that would have done better)
Paint brushes
Black String
Black electrical tape
egg cartons

I started by painting the white belly and letting it dry (I had to do a few coats to cover evenly)
Next, I painted the backs black (that only took 2 coats)
They sat to dry perfectly in the egg cartons.
 Next, to paint the faces.  All I had on hand was light blue, red, white and yellow paint, so I just mixed them to get the colors I wanted (light blue, light orange, and light pink)
The egg cartons were also perfect for paint cups!
After they dried, I tied a back string around them and made it long enough so that it could hang from the tree. Then I secured it in place with a strip of electrical tape.
It looked great on my tree!

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