Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pajama Pants

So I finally completed (a while ago... I'm just late updating) Jackson's Lounge Pants. HE LOVES THEM!! And the material is really soft, so that's exciting! I made the pattern using the Make your own Pattern tutorial. The pattern I made needs a little tweaking around the leg area and I definitely made them a size or so too big. Its great for PJs but when I'm ready to make actual pants I will need a little more precision. But its only fun if you can keep learning and changing and growing, right?

And a little update on my Pillowcase dresses, I designed a new one! Its by far my favorite of them all! It's ladybug themed and two toned. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be to make either! My best friend's daughter received it as a belated birthday present... very belated... I'm a bad friend! Next I want to do a bumblebee if I can find the right fabric.

I have completed #1 of 4 tab top curtains for the boys room... pictures to follow once completed. They aren't nearly as cute as I had wanted and I'm debating taking it back apart and adding blackout lining. I had originally bought some but the fabric store ran out of stock right after I order... So I settled for regular lining hoping it would be fine. Not so much, debating on my next move before I make the other 3. I was originally dreading doing the curtains because I didn't think my machine could handle the thick fabric (because normally it can't). So I did some research and realized I just needed a bigger needle! Easy fix! My machine went through those curtains like it was nothing! That made my outlook on this project very optimistic!

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