Friday, March 18, 2011

Beauty Tip #3: Picking The Right Foundation

When the right shade is applied properly, a foundation is a great start to your makeup routine.

First thing is to pick the right formula!

Do you like the new Mineral powder? (This is my personal favorite) Its lightweight, but covers completely with a buildable coverage. The Mary Kay one is designed to absorb excess oil, which I find a great feature!

Liquid Foundation? The old favorite... there are two formulas, one for normal to dry skin and one for combination to oily. Both provide even coverage. The normal to dry is designed to help with hydration, while the combination to oily is designed control excess oil.

Creme-to-Powder? This one goes on as a cream and then dries to a powder and has a lightweight feel.

Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen? This is more of an on-the-go, sheer coverage. It is perfect for an active lifestyle with the added bonus of moisture and sunscreen.

Second thing is to Pick the right shade!

In addition to evening out skin tone and protecting your skin from environmental damage, the right foundation can make the skin look smooth and flawless. So here are some helpful hints for picking your shade...

  • Yellow-based foundations work well on almost everyone. Foundations with a little yellow will even out almost every complexion. Yellow minimizes red, which may be a result of tanning, aging, or broken capillaries.
  • Test a shade on your jawline or cheek. The correct shade should literally disappear into the skin and blend with the skin tone of the neck rather than the face.
  • When testing your new shade, its best to test in natural light. Also, give it a few minutes to adapt to your skin before making a final decision.

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