Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tab Top Curtains

I found an idea for some Tab Top Curtains for my boys' room as mentioned in Pajama Pants. I have now completed 2 of 4 curtains and want to share because I'm very excited! I don't know if I will take up making curtains for a living... its not nearly as much fun as making clothes and accessories but its definitely been nice to have a little creative liberty with my color schemes! These curtains are for my boys' room! The last 2 curtains are prepped, I just need to get some more lining and then put them together... I'm having motivation and time issues.

I personally did this a little differently than the tutorial. I actually had one set of curtains already but I needed 4 to cover all the windows. 
  • I bought some solid blue fabric to match the striped curtains I already had. 
  • I pulled out the seams on the striped curtains and cut it down the middle. 
  • I used the pre-made curtain to measure out and cut the blue fabric. I also used it for my seam and tab measurements.
  • Next I sew the blue and the striped fabric together in the middle (it doesn't have to be pretty because its inside the lining, but make sure its secure)
  • I cut the lining to fit inside the seams of the curtain.
  • Then I  pinned the seams down on top of the lining and also pinned the top tabs into place.
  • From then on it was just a whole lot of sewing! (Make sure to use a larger needle because the fabric is thick and you will break needles if they are too small)

After I complete the last 2 curtains, I have to begin some baby shower gifts because it seems everyone is having babies in the next few months!
Then, Jackson has requested a Max Costume ("Where the Wild Things are"), So I will probably start that first of October! Its his favorite book of all time, so he is pretty excited and won't stop asking me when he gets to wear it...

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