Monday, September 12, 2011

My Bread Machine

For my birthday, my parents got me a Oster bread machine. I have never made bread nor have I ever really even thought about bread... it comes in a bag from the grocery store, right?!

Making bread has been an interesting process. Before I got the machine, I tried to make it by hand. I just wanted some yeast rolls, like from Golden Corral, because they are my favorite. Well first time around I killed the yeast because I had no idea what yeast really was. So second time, I didn't even activate it. I had several failed attempts and then I gave up until I got my machine. It heats it to the perfect temperature! I know I should probably learn to do it by hand in case of emergency but I'm being lazy right now. Plus, I can make more bread this way!

My bread machine has a lot of options, I prefer the dough making option so I can shape it and make it the way I want but I will use the cooking feature if I just want a loaf or I'm busy.

I have made an Italian Bread. It goes perfect with my Italian dishes!

I finally made my Dinner Rolls. They were everything I hoped they would be.

I make Honey Wheat Sandwich Rolls for my husband's lunches.
(totally just realized I never took a picture... next time I make it I will update and add one)

Then I wanted to change up his lunch sandwiches, so I made a Sweet Sub-Style Sandwich Bread.

I just needed a loaf of bread for Jackson's lunches, so I found this Honey Wheat Bread Loaf. It was fabulous and he loved it!

I've had a blast with this so I went to the Library and checked out a few books. I got The Bread Bible, which has taught me a lot of particulars of how bread works and rises, and how the conditions of the rising and preparing create the flavor and consistency. Its very interesting.

I also checked out a book on Pies, because my husband requested more pies in the house, so I will write on those soon!

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