Sunday, January 30, 2011

My most recent movie reviews... this is going to be a list

As I said before... I love my Netflix... I was always a huge movie person! I'm not a critic or probably a reference for any of these movies... here is just my opinion

Turner and Hooch - PG - 1989- Tom Hanks and "Beasley"
I love this movie! Its such a classic... Plus I'm biased because my parents have a "Hooch" named "Ellie" or "Eleanor". Either way, definately a beautiful picture of a man and his dog... loved it! well except for Tom's incredible tight underwear, i felt that was a bit unneccesary.

The Dilemma - PG13 - 2011 - Vince Vaughn and Kevin James
I have thoroughly enjoyed Vince Vaughn's progression as an actor. He is growing up but maintaining the humor we so know and love. Now I will say there were some parts that are ridculous and could have been left out, but such with every movie these days. Overall a funny movie, aside from Latifah's interesting banter.

Look Who's Talking - PG13 - 1989 - Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis
I remember watching this as a kid and thinking it was humorous. Well watching it as an adult with kids. Still humorous but in a whole different way. While some of the stuff is a borderline inappropriate, its an interesting perspective on the perception of an infant. The only thing I would change is Kirstie Alley's horrendous voice... somebody get that woman a cough drop. I can't wait to watch the second one, thats the one with the jokes about potty training!

Red - PG13 - 2010 - Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, etc...
I found it to be one of the better of these old man shoot em up movies. I can't tell whether they are serious or just trying to be funny. But either way at least they are embracing the whole aging process. But it makes me sad, I'm not ready to consider Bruce Willis an "old guy" just yet. So final opinion, a little cheesy but overall entertaining (especially Malkovich!)

Salt - PG13 - 2010 - Angelina Jolie
Can you say DISAPPOINTED! It could have been good, but they were just a little to all over the place. I couldn't tell who was coming or going. And they set it up for a sequel... that annoys me. And I'm a huge Jolie fan... been very impressed until that. Well i will give it 3 stars just because she's still awesome to me

Inception - PG13 - 2010 - Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page
WOW! thats really all i can say. This movie blew me away! I was impressed. I haven't liked Leo since Titanic. But he wasn't forcing an accent or doing something ridiculous, he was just playing his role. But even better than that was the story, MAN! what a mind bender. I dont even want to tell you... go watch it and we'll discuss! PS: Watch until the end of the credits, I missed that the first time

The Tourist - PG13 - 2010 - Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie
I watched this movie, and then I walked out the theater and sighed with relief! Because my faith in Hollywood to produce a great movie, with a great cast, a great script and a great back drop was restored a little bit. But the second I find out this movie is a remake I think I will cry because it will be true (there is no creativity left in the human mind in hollywood). Either way, I totally recommend this movie!!

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