Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy Dinner Suggestions

Tonight we had pizza from Papa Murphy's.... We get the a large zucchini and roma tomatoes pizza for $6 after the amazing prices, specials, and coupons. They are a take and Bake but honestly as crappy as the delivery pizzas I have been paying WAY too much for, I would much rather make it at home. And until i'm in a position to make my own pizza at home, this is a convenient, inexpensive and tasty alternative.

Friday night... sheer genius... my amazing friend told me about Nacho stacks... I mean I know what nacho stacks are i just never thought of making them at home! Some tortilla chips, ground beef cooked in taco seasonings, shredded cheese baked at 350 degrees for less than 5 minutes.. Then top it off with whatever else you want. My hubby just chose salsa and sour cream because i haven't been to the store to get more tasty toppings. I steamed some frozen corn in the amazing invention called a rice cooker/steamer. I've never owned one until now, but now i will never part from it. Nevertheless, definately doing Nacho night again!

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