Monday, January 31, 2011

Couponing.... helpful or overwhelming??

So in my recent attempts to learn to be frugal, I am tackling the idea of coupons. I'm in the process of learning about it. And I want to share my beginners' prospective and helpful links with you.

For me, I personally love my "Household Helper". It comes in the mail tuesday or wednesday and it has all the weekly sales and discounted items for every store in my range (ie. bilo, the pig, publix, etc.). I know what products I buy brand name and what I don't mind buying store brand, and I am trying to buy more basics and less prepackaged stuff.

My favorite coupon site is Southern Savers it lists the store sales and coupons that match the sale, as well as other helpful hints and tips. While at that website click the "Printables" button at the top of the page and that will give you other places to find good coupons for commonly used brand name products. Also, don't forget the amazing selection of coupons in sunday's paper. And in the All You Magazine, there are a bunch of different coupons as well. Its really all about finding coupons to match your needs, instead of using coupons for the sake of using coupons.

There are all kind of helpful organizers at Wal-Mart, Target, and other office supplies stores. I personally like the small accordian or expanding tabbed holder similar to the one below. I can mark the type of coupon on tabs and its convenient to throw in my purse. ( I feel like mine is a little smaller than the picture shown but it was the best one I could find)

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