Friday, January 28, 2011

Life's so called "Conveniences"

So going on 3+ years of being at home with my children (i know your saying 3 whole years who cares) but this is a big deal to me! My parents were "professionals" and here I am "sitting on my butt" at home. But seriously making the choice to stay home has been a crazy experience, one that I will treasure all of my life. Now I'm not necessarily enjoying them all that much now... raising kids is a pain (but also a blessing)! But if its one thing i can say for my kids is there are always entertaining.

But today the entertainment of my children is not what has currently captured my attention. I was sitting down with my friend the other day and we were talking about meal planning and such and I had an epiphany.... And this has been long time coming because I've slowing been working my way towards it. Well anyway, I spent alot of my life always thinking that other people can do it better than I can, so why not just buy it. Well and there are just certain tastes you can't quite do at home. But then with the ridiculous inflation of prices and realizing the food has only gotten worse (sold in stores), its cheaper and more healthy for my family if I start branching out and making new and exciting dishes. Because while the same dish is easier, its time for me to stop taking the easy route.

So for example, I buy bone in chicken breasts when they are on sale for $.99 /lb and I buy them in bulk and seperate it in freezer bags and freeze them. And defrost them as needed. But also instead of spending $4.99/lb on boneless skinless chicken, I am able to take a few extra minutes and just cut the meat off the bone and peel off the skin... Really?? I'm paying $4 for someone to do that for me??!!
But on that note, I was using the microwave to defrost. And I have recently become suspicious of the microwave, so I've stopped using it as much as I was, another "convenience". So as I am beginning to plan my meals, I am able to put the meat needed out the night before in the fridge, so by the next night its ready to go.

But on a positive note, I have recently begun putting a little bit more trust in my dishwasher and its been proving me worthy! I have always been skeptical about dishwashers. I had one growing up but my dad told me they were more for sterilizing then actually cleaning. Well one night i just didn't have time to scrub and wash before loading. So I loaded it up just to see what it would do. Yeah It cleaned them great! I was excited. But it will save me time and money, because i wont be running all that water before and I will spend less time with my face in the sink and more with my family.

But I will say as much fun as a TV can be at times, I have come to hate commercials and I'm so glad I don't waste my money on cable! But on those nights that its just nice to sit around and watch a tv show or movie Instant Netflix has just been my favorite! There is a genius out there somewhere and I just want to kiss em! Also the Wii, I've got workout games, activity games, shooting games, weird rabbit games... It has definetly been the best present yet! Right now its all about learning to keep my children occupied without falling into the habit of just flipping on the TV. I only let him watch and hour in the morning and MAYBE a movie at dinner (so I can work in peace). I'm just dont want him becoming obsessed with it, which he does enjoy it a little too much.

Any thing I have said above may not work for your lifestyle because each family has different dynamics, but its what I'm working with. The world is money hungry and I'm working on a tight budget, so i try to do what best for my family. I am going to begin trying out recipes and finding ones that work and making a schedule... I will try to post the ones that work for me!

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