Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Melted Snowmen

So I realized today that I have a whole lot of pictures saved to my camera and not a lot of blog posts.  So hopefully, time permitting, I can get posted some of my newest creations!
Well, this week is my snack week for Jackson's class. And it has given me an opportunity to make some things that I probably wouldn't have made had I not had a classroom full of children to give snacks to!  So Thank you Pinterest again for some AMAZING ideas!!

I found a great idea for Melted Snowmen or Snowmen S'mores here via Pinterest. And lucky me, I just happened to have all the ingredients in my house!
Graham Cracker Squares and Hersey Chocolate Bars
Melted White Chocolate
I just used a normal spoonful and that was PLENTY! Be careful not to put too much it will get messy
Place the marshmellow on top while its still warm and it will harden into the chocolate
I trimmed a fruit roll up to make the scarf
I used just tube black and yellow (it was the only color I had) icing to decorate
Army of Melting Marshmellow Men!!

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