Friday, December 30, 2011

Hot/Cold Compress

So again with the Pinterest craft ideas, I found an awesome heating pad that doubles as a cold compress that made for an easy sew and a great Christmas present.  And now that everyone has received there presents I am able to post this.

I found a tutorial here that was very helpful!  All you need is some fabric, lentil beans, lavender (which I found at Earth Fare), a sewing machine, and a few hours to work (or less if your really good!) 
Lavender and Lentil Beans
(2) 6 x 18in pieces - I may make it a little wider next time...
Bag sewn shut with only the end opened
After putting 2lbs of beans and 2 tbsp of Lavender, Close the bag
I had some issues with the pouches and breaking the needle on the beans, so be careful! The tutorial above has the best method of sewing the pouches.
Now you have a great compress, Heat for 3 minutes in the Microwave or Put in the freezer and enjoy!

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