Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Football Cake

So my friend had a recipe for a homemade football cake made from a square cake without a football shaped pan! I was excited to try!
For my first cake I used a yellow cake and for the second I used chocolate. I ended up preferring the yellow because I used Chocolate Icing.   Start by baking your choice cake in a 9" x13" pan (Hint: The best way to get your cake to remove from the pan in one piece is to coat the pan in shortening and drizzle flour then pour the batter in. The cake will pop right out when cooled!).  And once it is cool,  cut the corners as shown below:

I secured my corner by putting icing between them and the sides of the cake. Then coat the cake in a chocolate icing.

Finally, I put some white icing in a decorating bag with a larger Wilton Round tip on the end. I used that to decorate the actual football, but I had to use a knife to flatten it a bit.  Then used a smaller tip to write on the birthday cake. With my first cake, I ran out of chocolate icing, so I used white icing on the side and added Reese's pieces on top of it.
I realized after I wrote day in BIRTHday that I meant to do all caps... oops!

This was a blast to make and didn't take long at all!! Perfect for a football party! :)

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