Monday, October 24, 2011

Where the Wild Things are

So I finally finished my Max Costume and Wild Things headpiece... It only took 2 weeks and it may have been shorter if I hadn't been doing 20 other things in between!
So I will start with the Max Costume... I got the idea from another blog: Max Costume & Tutorial
But I couldn't download the pattern, so I ended up getting a pattern for a jumpsuit with hood and just adding the ears, buttons, tail, and whiskers as I went along.
The hood before the whiskers were added
I've decided that this looked more like a beaver tail but I was too tired to go back and change it
I forgot to add the tail so I had to go back and do it later
Totally figured out the button hole feature on my sewing machine for this costume!

The Wild Things head wasn't originally in the plan but I stumbled across this Instructable on (which is my new favorite site for craft making): Wild Thing Headpiece
The guy who made it did an awesome job and walks you through the basic steps but gives you freedom with size and style. I loved it!
I decided after this project that I have a love/hate relationship with the glue gun! I love the projects it hold together and hate the blisters on my fingers! 

The base was made out of cardboard and duct tape
Cotton fabric for the main piece
stuffed with polyester filling
The face is made from cream felt and the eyes,nose & horns were fleece
The hair was faux fur and teeth were felt

The lower jaw is foam wrapped in felt and fleece with felt teeth

The shirt was orange and I wrapped it in yellow duct tape, and the pant will have scales once the puff paint dries. I still need to add a tail
 I started this project hoping that I would finish but not totally confident but now I'm soooo excited because if I can do this, what else can I do??!!

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