Friday, August 19, 2011

Am I ready for Kindergarten??

"Am I ready for my baby to go to kindergarten?" I keep asking myself this as I am preparing to send Jackson to school next week. And technically hes not going into kindergarten but Pre-K but still its an all day program!

(Jackson at 1 month)

I vaguely remember kindergarten. I remember Dr Seuss and the play corner. I can see a few faces. I remember liking it. But I'm nervous because now its my child! Is Jackson ready for this? I can't answer that but I think we need to at least see. Well ready or not, Wednesday is the big day! The day after his birthday!

(Jackson at 1 year old)

Jackson was in daycare for a total of 6 months when he was 2 but other than that he has been home with me. Now its seems time to send him out in the world under someone else's protection and hope that everything I have been working on with him (manners and good behavior, mostly) that he has at least retained some of it. And a part of me is not worried because I trust my baby, he is such a wonderful little kid. I think most of this is just nerves.

(Jackson at 2 years old)

I'm still going to be home, which is 5 minutes from the school and I will have some more time to play with Andrew and sew and bake yummy goodies for his class. Oh yes, I plan to be that mommy! I think that's what I am most excited about, is having someone to bake goodies for.

(Jackson at 3 years old)

And Jackson will be learning and active and social, which is what he desperately wants and needs. It will also give Andrew and I more bonding time, which is something he and I don't get often.

(Jackson at present)

I think this will be good... I'm just being overly sensitive, maybe because its my first. Who knows! Well ready or not, Bags are packed with school time goodies and we are ready to go! AHHHHH! :D

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