Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beauty Tip #4: Eye Color Application

Everyone's eyes are different... so the way you apply it shouldn't be the same either!

Here's an example of some different eye shapes...

Below I have pictures of some different types of eyes and under it is an application guide for a suggested way to put on your eye shadow to best enhance your features. (For step by step instructions click the picture to follow the link)

The numbers in the pictures correlate to the different shades of colors used:

1. Highlighter - lightest shade, used to enhance brow line or inner corner of the eye

2. Midtone - medium shade, usually a neutral color. Generally used to enhance crease of the eye.

3. Accent - darkest color, adds a pop of color and depth to the eye.

Wide-Set eyes are eyes that are more than one eye width apart
Standard Eyes are eyes that are one eye width apart

Hooded eyes are eyes that are set so that the natural crease is not readily seen.
Deep-Set eyes are eyes that are set deep, making brow bone appear more noticeable Close-Set eyes are eyes that are less than one eye width apart

A few extra tips for great eye color...

-Always remember to blend! Your colors should blend smoothly, not just look like streaks of color

-If your unsure of your eye shape, NO WORRIES! Use the standard application, it looks great on everybody.

-If you have a combination of eye shapes, choose the application for the feature you want to downplay or enhance the most.

Have fun with your makeup! Try different applications until you find what works best for you!

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